Are you careful what you ask for?

Are you careful what you ask for?A couple was out to dinner celebrating their 40th anniversary.

After the meal, the husband presented his wife with a beautiful, antique locket.  When she opened it up a tiny genie appeared.

The genie said, “Your forty years of love and devotion to each other has released me. In return, I can grant you each one wish.”

Without hesitation, the wife said, “In a spirit of happiness and love, I want to travel the four corners of the world with my husband.”

The genie wiggled her nose and two first class tickets around the world magically appeared on the table.  

Stunned, the couple looked at each other and smiled.

“Your turn,” said the genie to the husband.

The husband thought for a moment and said with a quivering voice said, “For me to really enjoy that trip, I wish my wife was thirty years younger than me.”

With raised eyebrows, the genie smiled at the wife and wiggled her nose…

And suddenly the husband was 95.  

Some folks might say that you need to be careful what you ask for.

I’d like to add that you also need to consider the unintended consequences.  

Words are powerful and have a specific meaning, especially when it comes to contracts. 

It can be mentally draining when you are in the middle of a negotiation, so being cautious is paramount. 

If you have concerns about the wording in a contract, it’s best to get advice from an attorney. 

Our network of Real Estate Attorneys are available to answer your questions during a negotiation so you see the big picture. 

It’s always better to be safe than sorry. 

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