Just Released! Amazing App for the Nashville Real Estate Market: NashCash

NashCash The App for Nashville Real EstateSteve Jolly, owner of NashvilleRealEstateNow.com, wants to announce the release of the world’s greatest Real Estate App to hit the market. Buyers can quickly snap a picture of any Nashville home and the App will provide you with the Guess-timated® Sales Price, offer predictions, home information and the ability to instantly submit an offer. With NashCash, home buyers will be able to Snap and Save both time and money!

“We have combined the latest internet technologies with GPS, MLS, Property Data and our proprietary pricing algorithm to bring you the best information possible,” Steve Jolly said, “This app will become the most valuable tool in the Nashville Home Buyer's arsenal.”

Here is how the app works. When activated, buyers can take a picture of any home in the Greater Nashville area. Within milliseconds, the app will use the GPS in your phone along with the picture to determine the correct address of the home. Immediately, the app will scroll through the thousands of online records and the MLS to get background information on the home. This info will be fed into the proprietary pricing algorithm to produce the NashCash Guess-timated® Sales Price.

In addition to the Guess-timated® Sales Price, the algorithm will also predict the possibility of offers on the property to 99% accuracy. The app will also provide basic information on the home including the square footage, number of bedrooms, number of baths and the lot size.

Once you Snap, you will be given several options. The most popular option for the beta testers was the “Full Price Offer” button. This feature is for serious buyers only who want to streamline the buying process and avoid multiple offer situations. “If your dream home has a high probability of multiple offers than I would recommend that you use the Full Price Offer option immediately,” Jolly said.

During the testing phase, many amateur buyers felt like the NashCash app did not respond to their unique needs. We did not want to alienate those buyers who were less than serious about their home purchase and developed the “Low Ball Offer” feature. By pressing the Low Ball Offer button, an offer will be instantly submitted at 50% of the Guess-timated® Price.

“If the NashCash app does not get you excited about buying a home, you must be dead,” Jolly continued.

The NashCash app will be available in the App Store starting April 1, 2013 and will be free for active homebuyers and $2.95 for nosey neighbors.


What features would you like to see us include in the next update?



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Happy April Fools!

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