A secret strategy that helps banks sell for top dollar

Negotiation Secrets of the World's Top BanksBuying a bank-owned home can be a frustrating experience because of the negotiation process. It feels like you are dealing with a robot.  No sense of emotion or urgency on their end.  

It’s the exact opposite of what you get when you are negotiating with the homeowner.  

I’ve often been asked, “Why do they do this?”

The answer is simple, because removing the emotion from the negotiation helps them sell for more money.  

One of the best ways they remove the emotion from the transaction is to set strict parameters for the sales price.  

In other words, they set a hard limit on what they are willing to accept for the home for a specific amount of time and they won’t deviate from that limit.  

For example, they might list a home at $300,000 and set a hard limit at $290,000 for two weeks.  

This means that for the next two weeks, they will not accept any offer below $290,000 period.  

Then at the end of the set time period they review all of the new information and set another hard limit.  

Like you, I was skeptical about this practice when I first started selling bank owned homes more than a decade ago.

After 300+ bank owned sales, I’ve seen this work time and time again.  

When I sell your home, we will talk about this strategy and many more that I’ve learned over the years to help people get exactly what they want from the sale of their home.  

I’ll teach you the secrets of real estate negotiation and keep you on course if you start to drift away.   

The most important part of the sales process is preparation.  So, If you are thinking about selling next year, you need to get the ball rolling.

And to get started, all you need to do is call my direct number is 615-519-0983.  

Talk to you soon. 

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