5 Ways To Avoid Costly Repairs With New Construction

5 ways to avoid costly repairs with new construction in NashvilleOne of the most common headaches with home ownership is the cost (and inconvenience) of major home renovations.   

And that may be your #1 reason in considering a new construction purchase.  

Buying a new home is not a guarantee that you won’t face costly repairs in the first few years of ownership.  

If you are thinking about buying new construction for this reason, then here’s five things that you need to do.  

1.   Learn as much as you can about the builder 

Search for information about the builder online and read any reviews that you can find.  Talk to people who live in homes your builder constructed within the last ten years.  Ask about any problems they are having with the home and how warranty work was handled.    Ask your agent about their past experience with the builder.  Find out as much as you can before you make the decision to buy.  

2.   Don’t turn your tract builder into a custom builder

Tract builders build large numbers of homes in neighborhoods before they are sold.  They use a limited number of floorpans for quality, efficiency and cost savings.  Many people make the mistake of trying to customize these tract homes by making major changes to the layout or finishes.  Essentially, they are asking the builder to “renovate” their new home which is expensive and can lead to problems down the line.

3.   Avoid Trendy

The problem with trends is that new ones emerge every year.  And nothing screams “remodel” louder than a trend that goes out of style.  Instead choose colors and finishes that are closer to classic than fashionable.  Timeless choices never go out of style.  

4.   Don’t skip the home inspection

Some people think that a home inspection is not necessary with new construction.  That’s a myth that I would like to destroy.  Most new home inspections uncover as many repairs as a resale.  You may want to consider adding a pre-drywall inspection so you know the framing and utilities are installed correctly.  

5.   Read the warranty

All new construction homes in Tennessee come with a one year builders warranty.  However, not every warranty is the same.  Take the time to review the warranty so you feel comfortable with the terms.  Odds are you will use the warranty for at least one item, so it’s best that you understand how it works before you buy.  Also, check to see if they have an extended warranty for the foundation. 

To learn more about new home construction in Nashville, give me a call at 615-519-0983.  


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