3 Secrets to Moving from Survival to Success

Nashville Real Estate Now - From Survival to SuccessThe old proverb says, “Where there is no vision, the people perish.”

It has never been truer than in today’s world.  There is no neutral.  Either you are moving forward or going in reverse.  Either you are growing or shrinking.   Living or dying. 

In order to move forward, you have to have vision of where you want to be.  This should be the easy part, but it is exactly the place where most people stop.  I think determining your vision is the hard part for most people because it assumes risk, accountability, hard work and the potential for failure.

Passion is another reason people fail with their vision. If you are not fully invested in your dreams, they are too easy to give up when the going gets rough.  Every journey has its share of obstacles, struggles and hard work. 

For other people, it is so much easier to do nothing.  It might seem like some folks are an overnight success, but you never see the years of planning and hard work that preceded it.   No one has ever stumbled into their “Dream Life.”

Fortunately, I come from a long line of visionaries.  I have told you some of my family stories in the past.  Today, I want to introduce you to some forward looking Jollys and their journey from England to the New World, and from surviving to success. 

My great grandfather, William Jolly, was born in the Cornwall area of England in the 19th Century.  He was a miner in the peak of this industry in Cornwall.  This area was famous for copper, tin, silver and the skill of the miners in extracting metals from the tough granite bedrock.  There is even a famous, traditional folk song about the Cornish Miners called, “Come All Ye Jolly Tinner Boys.”

William saw the increasing competition from foreign sources of copper, tin and silver.  He heard the stories of the incredible deposits of metals in the new world.  William and many of his friends had a vision of a better life in the new world.  He packed up his family and headed to the top of the Upper Peninsula in Copper Harbor, Michigan.   Soon these mines would produce most of the world’s copper.  By the 1900’s these were the deepest mines in the world.  Like all operations, the mines in this area would eventually reach maturity and become unprofitable.   

Seeing the inevitable decline in Copper Harbor my grandfather, Glenn Jolly, saw an opportunity in the growing city just to the south, Detroit.  He saw an opportunity to move out of manual labor and work in an office environment.  He saw an opportunity to live a middle class lifestyle, which was non-existent in the past.  He worked for General Motors as a young man and until the day he retired.  

In the 1950’s, Detroit was the 4th largest city in the United States, accounted for more than 15% of the national economy and was admired around the world.  My father was born in the Golden Era of Detroit.  He loved the city, the automotive industry and all that it stood for.  He also had the vision to foresee the city’s eventual demise.

For most of his career, my father worked in the Automotive Industry.  While working for Chevrolet in the 1970’s he witnessed the decreasing quality, increasing costs and closing factories.  He once told me that they would place new Vegas on a large auto vibration testing machine and parts would literally fall off the car.  When he purchased a new car, he would check to see the date of assembly.  It was commonly thought that the best cars were made on Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday. 

These were not insider secrets.  I have heard the same stories from many others who lived in and around Detroit.  Why did my Dad have the vision to come to Tennessee in 1979, when so many of others decided to stay behind?  As of last week, we all know how the story ended. 

We finally come to my story.  I have had a few visionary moments in my life that lead to success.  I want to share my latest one and save the rest for some other day. 

In 2005, I was considering a move to a career in Real Estate.  Due to my business sales background and a vision of increasing opportunities in foreclosures, I decided to focus my career in selling bank-owned homes. 

Thankfully, I did not listen to the naysayers, critics and those who say it could be done.  I heard all of the horror stories of the business and all of the reasons why I would not be successful.  I heard that foreclosures were a thing of the past because homes continue to appreciate year after year.  No one thought that eight years later I would have I have a career that I love and more than 200 bank-owned sales in the book. 

As I look back, I realize how much has changed since 2005 and how quickly change is coming in the future.  My forefathers had to make just one visionary change in their life to stay ahead of the game.  I might have to make three or four more leaps of faith before it is all over. 

While I am looking ahead to my next ten years in Real Estate, I challenge you to take a look into your future and ask yourself these questions?


Where do I want to be in five years?  In ten years?

How do I map my journey from today to my future?

What steps do I need to make every day to connect the dots?

The three secrets are simple.  Create a vision based on your passion, plan your journey, and take action daily.

So I challenge you to take immediate action.  Even if they are small steps, you are headed in the right direction.  If you have critics, let them be your motivation.  If you have nothing to believe in, believe in yourself. 

Why?  Because You are Awesome and I believe in You!

If your vision includes Real Estate or if you need a sounding board, do not hesitate to contact me.  I am always here to help!

And do not forget…You are either moving forward or going in reverse.

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