3 keys to selling your home for more money in less time

3 keys to selling your home for more money in less timeSelling your home is a daunting task.  There is so much money at stake and you do not want to mess this up.  If you do, you could have a big problem with a string of zeros on the end.  

Besides, who has time for problems…Right?

You just want to get it done quickly and at the right price so you can move into your new place and get on with your life.  

What you need is a trusted agent and a game winning plan.  Luckily, you found me and Gretchen.  

With more than 500 sales under our belt, we developed a plan that sells your home for more money in less time.   

Here’s some of our recent results in Bradford Hills.

  • 1624 Roundhill - Sold for $2,500 over list price.  Under contract in 4 days.
  • 608 Roundhill - Sold for $10,100 over list price.  Under contract in 8 days.
  • 200 Burgandy Hill - Sold for $8,100 over list price.  Under contract in 7 days.

If you want results like these, just follow this proven formula.  

Here’s the 3 Keys to selling your home for more money in less time

  1. Preparation and planning
  2. Setting the right price
  3. Effective marketing

Sounds too simple?  Our research has proven that these three keys have the biggest effect on the sale of your home, especially in a sellers market.  

Let me break it down a little more.

Preparation and planning are the first steps in the process.  To get ready, you and I will take a long tour of your home from the curb to the backyard and every room in between.  I’ll help you see your home through the eyes of an ideal buyer to make sure that everything is in the best shape it can be.  

Will talk about things like potential repairs, decluttering, staging and anything else that helps us show your home in the best light possible.  Finally, we will put these ideas into a plan to get your home ready to sell and help you find ways to get it done in the shortest time possible. 

The next step is setting the right price.  This is where we have a definitive advantage in the market.  As a preferred agent for many banks and asset management companies, they value my experience and skill at determining the best price to list a home for sale.  I’ve performed thousands of price opinions over the years and will give you the same information that I share with my banking clients.  

If you set the price too low, you end up leaving money on the table.  If you price it too high, then you home never sells.  You need “Bulls-Eye” pricing and that’s what I will give you..

The last key is Effective Marketing.  If you had a choice, wouldn’t you choose to work with someone who wrote a book on real estate marketing?  

Here’s a link to mine: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B06W5K3QLR

I take a two prong approach to marketing your home.  The first approach is to get your home in front of as many people as possible.  Think of this part as casting your net far and wide.  The second approach is to market your home using laser like precision to people who are your ideal clients.  

Our goal is to create a frenzy of activity around the sale of your home during the first ten days it is on market.  This level of excitement is what’s needed to get the best possible price for your home.  

When it comes to marketing your home, we use all of the latest technologies and proven tactics for bringing you the best qualified buyers. 

If you plan to sell your home this year, then let’s have a conversation without all the typical sales B.S., then call me today at 615-519-0983.

The Daily Deal in Nashville is a home that I sold a few years ago.  It's in the part of Franklin that very close to West Nashville.  Great location and listed for less than $460,000.

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