2 Minutes with a Foreclosure Pro - Occupancy Inspection

Spend 2 minutes in the Life of a Foreclosure Pro with Steve Jolly.  Gain insight into the Nashville Real Estate Market and go behind the scenes in the world of Foreclosures.  This is Can't Miss TV for homebuyers, investors or anyone interested in Real Estate!

Steve Jolly is a full-time Real Estate Broker with six years' foreclosure experience in the greater Nashville Area. He is a highly rated broker with many banks, lenders and asset management companies. Jolly averages more than 50 REO sales per year and is one of the top agents in the Metro Nashville.  He used his vast sales, marketing and contracting experience to sell homes quickly at top dollar.  His belief in the Golden Rule, his commitment to integrity and his proactive management style will help you succeed in real estate.  His slogan: "We treat your home like it was our own!"


#1 By San Diego Real Estate at 7/17/2017 6:30 AM

Our team has developed an excellent reputation for establishing and maintaining essential and effective relationships within the industry of which we currently have 10 agents on our team of which 7 buyers agents which specialize in REO only.

#2 By Steve at 7/17/2017 6:30 AM

Thank you for the comments Dustin. Good luck with San Diego REO!

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