13 Most Common Foreclosure Repairs

In 2005, I started my career in Real Estate.  My goal was to work with banks to sell their foreclosed homes.  This was a huge goal because it was nearly impossible to break into the foreclosure market as a listing agent at that time.   Looking at the lending process, I saw potential in foreclosed home sales.

I never imagined what would happen over the next few years. 

After more than 300 foreclosure sales, I have noticed patterns of problems with foreclosed, vacant or value properties.  These problems seem to occur time after time.

I have seen them so many times; they stick out like a Tennessee Fan at a Vandy Game.

Having the ability to spot these common problems and provide resolution is one of the reasons why I am a preferred partner with several banks, loan servicers and financial institutions. 

I have also noticed similar problems in homes that have been vacant for a while, have deferred maintenance or are value priced.  So this list applies to more than just foreclosures

Below, I will share the most common problems that I find, in no particular order. 

Here are the 13 most common repairs in foreclosed homes

  1. Peeling paint around doors, windows and trim.
  2. Wood rot at the base of doors and windows
  3. Missing shingles and roof leaks
  4. Downspouts without splash blocks or gutter extenders
  5. Leaks in plumbing supply lines
  6. Damage to paint and interior walls
  7. Flooring damage
  8. Broken Appliances
  9. HVAC repairs
  10. Electric Water Heaters with bad heating elements
  11. Water intrusion in the home or crawlspace
  12. Cracks in brick or foundation
  13. Damage from pets

Don’t get bit by these common problems.  Work with an advisor who has a good eye and a network of reliable contractors and home inspectors.

I am here if you need me, just hit reply. 

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