Look... An Emerging Nashville Neighborhood: Wedgewood-Houston

Posted by Steve Jolly on Tuesday, October 23rd, 2012 at 6:07pm.

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Many young professionals who prefer to move closer to downtown Nashville have been priced out of exciting districts like Lockeland Springs, 12 South and Sylvan Park.  The revitalization in these areas has matured, so buyers are wondering where are Nashville's hip neighborhoods of tomorrow.

What do these emerging neighborhoods have in common?

  • Adjacent to areas that have a track record or have gentrified
  • Have a good supply of historic homes
  • Potential for infill of new homes
  • Showing signs of improvement
  • Close to downtown
  • Access to transportation
  • Access to shops, restaurants and cafes
  • Considered "borderline" or "fringe"

There are several emerging neighborhoods scattered across Nashville that are on their way to revitalization.  One such neighborhood is Wedgewood-Houston which is located between downtown Nashville, Belmont University and the Tennessee State Fairgrounds.

Wedgewood-Houston Neighborhood

The Wedgewood-Houston Neighborhood is already being pioneered by many who could not afford to buy in 12 South. With the buying trend moving towards urban living, there is nowhere to go but up in most emerging neighborhoods.  Emerging neighborhoods tend to appreciate much faster than nearby, established areas.

Wedgewood-Houston still has a few barriers to being an up-and-coming neighborhood.  Urban buyers are attracted to areas with eclectic restaurants, shops, cafes and transportation.  They want a connection to the neighborhood and an identity.  Wedgewood-Houston will need more commercial development to continue to entice people to move here.    The redevelopment of the Tennessee State Fairgrounds is another struggle for this area.  When the commercial development of the fairgrounds is resolved, it could be a boom for all of the surrounding neighborhoods.  It may also encourage small retailers to set up shop in the neighborhood.

There is some new construction in Wedgewood-Houston, but most of the excitement is around re-development.  Many young families are buying homes, renovating them and moving in.


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