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For the last few years, the press has been reporting on the “shadow” inventory of foreclosures that was getting ready to hit the market.  The “shadow” inventory was a large number of vacant or delinquent homes that were threatening to sink the housing market.  We heard these ominous predictions from almost every news source.  They warned that the large number of underwater and delinquent homes would hit in a wave of despair that would drag down the housing market and homeowners with it. 

There was just one problem:  The numbers did not support it. 

Doubling down on their incorrect predictions, housing pundits began warning about “Vampire REOs” and “Zombie Foreclosures.”     Now these Zombie and Vampires were threatening neighborhoods across the

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Sometimes my best advice is to just walk away.  I know that sounds crazy coming from a Realtor, but in certain situations it is the best advice that I can give to my clients.

Buying or selling you home can be one of the most difficult and emotionally draining processes we face.  According to the Holmes and Rahe Stress Scale, getting a mortgage, a change in residence, and a change in living conditions are among the top life events that add stress to your life.  These life events are in addition to the stress that you experience daily over family, friends and work.

When you add an unreasonable seller or buyer into the mix, it seems to multiply the stress exponentially and cause feelings of anger or resentment.  Although, it may not be a purposeful

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Chuck had lived in Nashville for a long time.  He moved from a small town in Middle Tennessee when he was in college. 

The problem was that his family needed his help back at home.  He delayed moving back home because he really loved living in Nashville and was making the one hour commute a few times per week. 

Soon Chuck grew tired of the long drive and decided to move back to his hometown.  He found the perfect home to purchase in his hometown.  However, Chuck was worried because the market was tough and he might not be able to move quickly.

Chuck gave me a call, and we quickly placed his home on the market and started our Premier Home Selling program immediately.

At this time, the real estate market was not good, we were in the

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Our team is really excited about 2014.  We wanted to start the new year the right way by overhauling our website for you.  Although, we already had a great custom website; the new design allows us to improve our marketing, maximize your online real estate experience and help us to work together better. 

With a constant focus on marketing, we looked to enhance our online presence in 2014.  With a much improved home search experience and an engagement capability, this site will do a better job of reaching and securing potential buyers for your home. 

The improved design is easier to use and fully responsive.  A responsive site means that it will work properly everywhere including the latest smart phones and tablets.   If you plan to do a lot of home

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Here is a quick story so you know I can help you…Nashville Real Estate

Shawn and Pam were new to the area.  They moved to Hendersonville last year and found a home that they loved near the lake. 

Shortly after the home purchase, Pam had a great offer to work.  She took the job and loved it.  The problem was her long commute.  In evening rush hour traffic, it might take her one hour to get home.

Pam decided that she wanted to move to closer to work.  Shawn was worried since they just bought the house that they might not be able to move right away. 

Shawn and Pam contacted me about their problem.  I put together a plan to sell their home quickly at the right price.

We quickly placed their home on the market and started our Premier Home Selling program immediately. 

The home went up…
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Nashville Home ValuesHave you ever heard how easy it was to sell your home without an amazing Realtor?

Boy, do they have it wrong.

I can see from the outside how it may look easy.  Just like a NFL receiver making a diving catch, a top notch Realtor makes it look simple.

I overhead one guy at lunch the other day say, “No Problem.  All you have to do is put a sign in your yard and get it on the internet.”

Zillow is one of the top 3 real estate portals on the internet.  10 years ago, some even thought that Zillow would eliminate the need for real estate agents.

Zillow's Founder and CEO, Spencer Rascoff recently said, “buying a home is infrequent...expensive...emotional...they need a professional to help guide them through the transaction.”

Spencer understands the value of a great…
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Nashville REO, Foreclosures and Bank Owned Homes

Over the last five years, foreclosure has become a word that we hear nearly every day in conversation or in the news.  Even with all this talk, most people do not fully understand the bank foreclosure process, the terminology commonly used by real estate agents, and the best opportunities for purchasing a property in foreclosure.   

In order to get you the best information, I decided to write this article and provide you with an infographic that depicts the bank foreclosure stages, timeline and the best ways to buy.  The tax foreclosure process in Tennessee is less common and follows a different path and timeline.

Tennessee is considered a non-judicial foreclosure state, which means that the bank foreclosure process happens outside of the courtroom without a…
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Nashville Real Estate Market Report Infographic
July was another great month for Real Estate in Nashville.  Smart buyers and sellers have been taking advantage of the positive market dynamics.  July continued to break records and we still have one more month of summer, which is the height of real estate activity in Nashville. 

History teaches us that the highest average price for the year peaks at the end of the summer.  If you are considering selling your home in the near future, I would highly recommend listing it today while there is so much pressure from buyers in a market with limited inventory.  The biggest risk for home sellers today is the economy.

For those who are considering purchasing a home in the near future, I would also encourage you to speed up the process.  This fall would be a great…
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5 Amazing Places to Hike and Walk in NashvilleNashville is an area blessed with natural beauty.  This area stands apart from other large cities due to the abundance of nature and the number of parks within a few miles of the downtown area. 

Fall is my favorite time to enjoy the outdoors in Tennessee.  With the change of seasons just on the horizon, I wanted to share some of my favorite places in Nashville to take in the beautiful scenery of this river valley we call home. 


Percy and Edwin Warner Parks

The Warner Parks are part of the Metro Nashville Park System and are one of the top destinations for hikers in the city.  Percy Warner is located just nine miles from downtown Nashville just south of Belle Meade.  When combined with Edwin Warner Park, this area spans nearly 2700 acres and is the largest…
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Nashville Real Estate Now - From Survival to SuccessThe old proverb says, “Where there is no vision, the people perish.”

It has never been truer than in today’s world.  There is no neutral.  Either you are moving forward or going in reverse.  Either you are growing or shrinking.   Living or dying. 

In order to move forward, you have to have vision of where you want to be.  This should be the easy part, but it is exactly the place where most people stop.  I think determining your vision is the hard part for most people because it assumes risk, accountability, hard work and the potential for failure.

Passion is another reason people fail with their vision. If you are not fully invested in your dreams, they are too easy to give up when the going gets rough.  Every journey has its share of obstacles, struggles…
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