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Looking for a little spring in my step!

As I sit at my desk, looking out the window as I write this blog contribution, I am subtracted (read on – you will understand in a moment) as the sun has finally decided to grace us with her presence, the skies are that crisp clear winter blue and there is not a cloud in sight.  I actually went to my mailbox in a t-shirt and only experienced just a little chill in the air.  Ah……there is hope for the coming of spring.  I know it is still January and this is just a tease, but oh what a welcome momentary subtraction (again, read on).  I must have patience, I must have patience.  Speaking of patience, I have just come across one of the best definitions given by a very special girl, the niece of a friend of mine, who

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Just when you thought it was safe to get back in the water, new laws will bring big changes for most real estate transactions in 2015.  

Both changes were driven by the Dodd-Frank Act and have taken some time to implement.  The first initiative is commonly called “Know Before You Owe,” and among other things will add three days to the end of the loan approval process.     This delay comes at the worst time for most home buyers and sellers, just before closing.  The change is effective on August 1, 2015.

The second change is the launch of Fannie Mae’s “Collateral Underwriter” system to lenders nationwide on February 26, 2015.  This tool provides a quality score for each appraisal and will increase the opportunity for homes not to appraise for the

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I always like to write the date on the first day of a new year.  I’m not certain how different this one day is from the day before.  The minutes flow as they always have and as they always will, but there is definite significance in the second between 11:59:59pm on December 31, 2014 and 12:00:00am on January 1, 2015.  A new year seems to bring with it possibilities which did not seem apparent in the old year.  As we look forward, we make resolutions or resolves or, as I like to refer to them, intentions, for ourselves as we take that giant, one second leap into the future.  I’ll share the intentions I wrote this morning in the order in which I wrote them.  I am not sure of the significance of the order yet – if there is any, it remains to be revealed,

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The Holidays are rapidly approaching.  I know I am making my lists and checking them twice or thrice or more!  The Holiday catering season is shorter this year which will give me more time to take care of my shopping, cooking and my family.  My Mom fell a few days before my daughter’s wedding in November.  She is “88 and 10 ½ months”  (evidently you start counting the months again as you age) and we are trying to help her “age in place”, but she lost her driving privileges and that makes for a whole new “normal” for us all.  Funny how life works, children grow up and marry and move out of our lives on a daily basis and then our parents start aging and needing us more on a daily basis.  I knew this would happen – I just didn’t think it would happen in the

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“However you choose to greet me this season… I will accept in the spirit in which it is intended and respond with the appropriate happiness and joy returned, simply grateful for the greeting.”

I love the holidays.  I told my niece, Michelle, today that I love traffic.  I have adopted an attitude that traffic gives me more time to breathe, to listen to Christmas music in my car and to sing along at the top of my lungs, to connect with a smile and a nod with the person waiting in the car next to me, especially when caught singing Christmas music at the top of my lungs, to have a quiet moment in the midst of the chaos.  Of course, the key to this good will attitude in the midst of traffic is to understand that it is going to take me longer to get where I

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Every other Thanksgiving, my Mom, her two sisters and all the offspring of these three amazing women  (last year this number was upwards of 70, ranging in age from 1 – 90!) start the cooking and packing process for a 4 day Thanksgiving weekend in the bustling town – mostly populated by cows – of Calera, Alabama.  We come from all over the place – Colorado, Arkansas, Kentucky, Georgia, Tennessee, Alabama and beyond – to gather under one roof and celebrate this wonderful holiday together. 

We sleep, dormitory style, the women and children in one wing and the men and older boys in another.  Some have started bringing tents and sleeping bags as we are just now beginning to outgrow the church camp.  We are charged with bringing all our own bedding, personal

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The amount of paperwork to purchase a home is staggering. 

Not long ago, you could buy a home with a one page purchase and sale agreement.  Today, the average sales contract package is about thirty pages…and it continues to grow every year.

Unless you are an attorney, you probably do not understand most of the legal jargon used in writing a contract on a home. 

A one page contract is tough to read.  Thirty pages can be so intimidating (and boring) that most will not attempt to read through to the end of the contract.  

If you do not read it, what will you miss?

The purchase and sale agreement is the first of several stacks of paperwork that you must navigate.  You also have the home inspection reports, loan packages and the closing

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First order of business:  Much to my dismay, I must remind you that this Saturday night, Nov. 1, at midnight, it is time to set your clocks back one hour – fall back.  Yes, we get an “extra hour” of sleep, but it will be dark on Sunday by 5:30pm and then I will begin the annual countdown of losing 1 minute of light per day until that winter solstice on Dec. 21st.    I am soaking up as much of the orange and ochre of the lovely fall leaves and the blues and yellows of the October skies to sustain me through the gray and dark winter days.  Philosophically I know that winter is a time of rest and a time to store up energy in preparation for the coming burst and beauty of spring.   I am simply never a willing participant in the forced hibernation which winter

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Goblins and Ghosts and The Bell Witch!

It is officially fall.  Our thoughts turn to apples and cinnamon, cider – hard or soft depending upon your preference and your age, and, of course, Halloween!  If you are the parent of small children  you start to work on costumes – princesses or demons – what will they be THIS year?  If you have older children you might be faced with whether they are old enough to go to their first haunted house, but be very careful and do your research or you might just be sleeping in a “family bed” for quite some time.  I have done some research for you and will list some of the most ghoulishly terrifying haunts, but first my attention is turned to Nashville’s most famous witch - The Bell Witch.  This haunting story reaches far

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Recently I was asked by my yoga teacher, Barbara Burgess-Camardella, if I would like to participate in a journey – a six week training program which would take us from 1 sun salutation to 108.  I immediately said “YES” as I will do just about anything she asks of me.  Over the six week period, I came to understand the immensity of this commitment, not just physically, but mentally and spiritually.  As with any journey of this magnitude, there is much effort and much reward.  Physically I am stronger than I’ve ever been.  Mentally, I now know that I can accomplish much more than ever imagined.  Spiritually, I know that the journey is the prize – what I learned about myself and the time I had to connect with Eternal during these days is immeasurable.  If

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