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What difference a great coach makes in your lifeGame #4 of the recent series between the Nashville Predators and the Anaheim Ducks did not end they way most people in Nashville expected.  

It was their first loss at home in the playoff series and ended with their top two centers on injured reserve.   And these were not ordinary players.  Mike Fisher, who went out with a concussion, was the captain of the team and their long-time leader.  Ryan Johansen was their leading scorer during the regular season.  

On top of that, the series was now tied at two games each and headed back to Game 5 in Anaheim.  

I'm guessing that many people thought this was the beginning of the end of the Predators season.  Even if they did not say it out loud.  

In steps Colton Sissons, a forward with only 13 NHL

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Quick update on AirBnB and Nashville Metro CouncilThis is a quick update on Short Term Rentals [like AirBnB] and the Nashville’s Metro Council.

The ordinance that everyone is watching is Bill 608.  If passed into law, this bill would phase out in 2021 the ability to rent short term if the property is not owner occupied.   This bill would not change owner occupied rentals.  

In my last report, I shared with you that this bill was deferred on second reading until Tuesday May 16th.  The bill passed again on Tuesday.

After the bill passed, the sponsor said that he plans to defer the third and final reading until July so they can work on amendments.  

One of the reasons for a change in heart is to avoid interference from the state legislature.  They promised to bring up a bill in the state capitol

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Life tends to play tricks on me.  Just not this timeHere’s a funny story that hits home because life has a tendency to play these kind of tricks on me.

Just not this time.

A friend of mine was selling his home.  It was in the dead of winter and we had just experienced an ice storm in Nashville.  The whole town was shut down, and my friend was surprised to get a call to show his home.

He warned the showing agent that his home was on a hill and the driveway was long and steep.  He also suggested that they park on the street and walk up.  The agent bragged about how he and his client were from “up north” and that they know how to drive in the snow.  

Since no one was home at the time, my friend agreed to allow the showing.

He thought everything was fine until he arrived home after work. This is

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Do you hate contracts?Last week, I showed how I help you make decisions like a master negotiator.  And by asking the right questions, I help you find an intellectually honest mindset where your decisions are driven more by logic than emotion.  

I also promised to share how I give you veto power when we work together.    

Many in the business world take a different approach as they prefer to lock you into a contract.

Personally, I hate being tied to something with no easy way to break free.  It feels more like a prison than a picnic. I prefer the live in the free world.  

That feeling of being locked down does more harm that good in our relationship.  And that’s why I prefer to give you the ability to walk away from our contract to work together.  In Tennessee, that

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Should I wait for the end of the seller's market to buy a home?The market is at all time highs and you are hesitant about buying a home.

I understand that you might want to sell your current home at the top of the market.  But, who wants to buy at the top?

That assumption is a mistake.  

No one truly knows where the market is headed next.  And trying to out guess the market is foolish because there are too many factors that can make or break it.  

My suggestion to you is to buy what you like and what you can afford.  That way if the market goes up you are fine.  And if the market declines, you should be fine too, as long as you didn’t overstretch the budget.  

Take for example the people who bought in 2005, just before the mortgage crisis.  People in Nashville saw their home values drop about 25%. 

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The day they gave me the big orange screwMy daughter graduates from high school tomorrow and, it got me thinking about my graduation from the University of Tennessee. 

Back then, the record keeping at the UT Police Department was less than stellar.  These issues soon became the problem of the students, and it became known as the “Big Orange Screw.”

I heard about these problems and never experienced them, until graduation day.  

When you cross the stage, they typically give you a blank piece of paper.  You have to pick up your degree later.  After the ceremony, I headed straight for the line to get my degree.   

When I opened it, there was no degree.  Only a release form for outstanding parking tickets.

I knew that I did not have any outstanding tickets so I walked straight to the UT

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Nashville Market Report April 2017While prices were up significantly over last year, other signs might indicate that the Nashville Real Estate Market is turning the tide.  

First, let’s take a look at the year over year statistics.  

Sales volume is up 1.3% over the same month last year.  While this is still positive, it’s no where near the increases in volume we have seen in the last year.  With inventory heading down and builders not able to make up the difference, this stat had to give at some point.  

What we don’t know if this is an anomaly or the start of a new trend in our market.  Because we are in the busy season for real estate, I lean towards the latter.   

Inventory is down 10.7% over the same month last year.  This stat hasn’t changed much recently. 

Prices are

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how to make home buying decisions like a master negotiatorI am not your average real estate agent. 

I do not say this to brag or tell you how “special” I am.  I say this because when I am working on your team, I save my sales hat for the other side.  In other words, my job is not to sell you on why you should buy a home.

In fact, I may say things that might make you think that I am trying to talk you out of making that decision.   And we will get to that in a minute.  

The first thing that I want you to see is a true picture of the property.  So you know all of the reasons why this would be a great place to live and why this might not be the best place for you and your family.  

This vision is helpful in making your decision to move forward or move on.  The last thing that I want is for you to start

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Top 10 Reasons why Nashville should ban Short Term RentalsThe list includes ten of the strangest reasons given to Metro Council during the public hearing on Tuesday to ban Short Term Rental Properties [STRPs] that are not occupied by an owner.  

Before we get to the Top 10 list, I wanted to give you an update on what happened with the bills presented that night during the four hour marathon meeting.

First, two bills passed second reading.  One of them required that owners of these properties get written authorization from their HOA (if any) before issuing a permit.  The other required specific documentation to prove owner occupancy.  

I have no problem with either of these bills and they should help with the enforcement activities.  

The third, and most important, bill was deferred.  It would

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How to find the right buyer for your homeFinding people who want to buy your home is not too difficult in this market.  However, finding the best buyer for your home is getting more troublesome everyday. 

That’s because the difficulty of the market is forcing people to make buying decisions entirely based on emotions, and causes the contract to fall apart.  The quick sales, price increases, bidding wars and low inventory cause people to make choices that they later regret.  

In a recent survey by Harris Poll, they discovered that 25% of homeowners currently have regrets about their purchase.  And if they had to do it over, would not make the same decision again.  

With most people, the minute they feel regret is just after they found out that their best offer was accepted by the seller.

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