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Never look back

You may have heard me tell this story before.

burden on his family, he decided that he was old enough to make his own way in life.

Telling no one, he jumped on that train and never looked back.  

Life out west was tough, but he enjoyed the freedom and the rewards of hard work.

After many years, William returned home to Detroit.  He now had enough money to help his family and start a business.

While William was out west, he developed a network of contacts and a supply of coal suitable for your stove and furnace.  His friend had trucks that could deliver the coal.  Instantly, their business was born.

They served the community well and were successful for many years.  

Just like his family, others in the area would occasionally fall on

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Construction up, home sales down in NashvilleMost people thinking about buying in the near future are worried about the impact of rising interest rates on their purchasing power. 

And they should be.  The Federal Reserve has been talking about their plan for raising rates for some time.  In a normal recovery, this should have happened years ago.  We’ve had the worst economic recovery since the Great Depression, so the Fed hasn't had the opportunity to revert our monetary policies back to the norm. 

In other words, the Fed is still throwing softballs so the weakened economy can knock them out of the park. 

We should know more in the next week as the Fed Chair, Janet Yellen, speaks on Friday and more economic indicators are released near the end of the month. 

Regardless of what happens

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The real dealYesterday, I completed my 49th trip around the sun, and what an amazing trip this has been. 

I was in East Nashville snapping a few pics of my latest investor listing, when I noticed that I was out of gas. 

And not like at a quarter-of-a-tank out of gas, my needle was below the “Empty” mark. 

I was basically running on fumes as I was about to get on the interstate at rush hour.  Not a wise thing to do in Nashville. 

I was at the corner of N. 1st St and Spring St, near LP Field when I looked up.  This Mystic gas station is one that you might drive past without stopping.  It’s been years since they had a facelift and it’s difficult to get in and out due to the traffic. 

But I love this place.

Fifteen years ago, when we first moved to

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Divert Your Course in NashvilleYou’ve probably heard me say that it is the questions that you don’t know to ask that can cause the biggest problems in real estate. 

And this story reminds me of that.

Back in October of 1995, a US Naval Ship was sailing towards home and was off the coast of Canada near Newfoundland.  It was dark and foggy, so the crew was paying close attention to their navigation. 

Suddenly an object appears on the radar so the officer in command attempts to contact them by radio.  

Naval Officer:  Please divert your course to the north to avoid collision.

Canadiens:  We recommend that you divert your course to the south to avoid collision.

Naval Officer:  This is the captain of a US Navy Ship.  Divert your course immediately.

Canadiens:  I

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when you're not afraid to say yes - simone bilesThis day was going to be exciting.  Simone and her classmates were set to visit a ranch just outside of Houston, Texas.  Due to an oppressive heatwave, that trip was cancelled.   

So as not to disappoint the kids, they were taken to Bannon’s Gymnastic where they could enjoy the day indoors. 

Inspired by the gymnastic tricks she saw that day, Simone copied the moves of the other gymnasts and caught the eye of the coaches that day.  They asked her if she wanted to join and learn to tumble.   

She said, “Yes!” and they sent her home with a note from the coaches to her parents.  

The coaches and trainers saw something special that day in Spring, TX.  

Since then, Simone Biles has done nothing but prove them right.

Over the last three years,

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The difference between a realtor and a real estate agentEarlier this year the popular television show Modern Family teamed up with the National Association of Realtors to show the difference between a real estate agent and a Realtor.   

In this hilarious clip, Gloria (Sophia Vergara) declares, “There is a difference…somehow.”

Most folks know there is a difference, however, they do not realize that our adherence to the Realtor Code of Ethics is what really sets us apart.  The Realtor Code of Ethics explains our Duties to our Clients and Customers, Duties to the Public and our Duties to fellow Realtors.

We will look at these duties another time because I want to focus on the Preamble to the Code of Ethics. 

I know what your thinking.  The Preamble…what could be so important in the opening?

When you

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Wrong about Nashville Homes for SaleThis is a true story.

A few years back, I was showing one of my bank owned listings to several different buyers who all wanted to see it the same day.

The first two came through the dining room and made comments about the color of the room.  It was an unusual color and both buyers stated how they hated it.  Interior design is not my greatest strength, so I took a mental note of what both people said and we moved on.  

Finally, the third buyer arrived to see the home.  As we walked through the dining room, I started to say something about the paint color.  As I started speaking, the buyer interrupted me by saying, how much she loved the color of the dining room and that it was a perfect match for her furniture.  

For me, that was one of the

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How he made it to RioAt the age of 10, Michael joined a swim team as an outlet for his excessive energy at the  suggestion of his sisters.

By the time he was in sixth grade, Michael had trouble sitting still and paying attention in class. He was diagnosed with ADHD, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, and prescribed Ritalin.  He took the medicine for a few years because it seemed to help.

At the age of 13, he decided that if he applied his mind to focusing and controlling his behavior then he could make a difference without taking the pills.  This change was brought on by the humiliation that he felt when the school nurse would remind him to take his medicine in front of his friends.

At the same time, Michael’s teacher told his mother that he would never

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Nashville Real Estate Market July 2016Last month, I asked you to check out July’s sales numbers to see if we hit the big number in Nashville.

I thought we finally might hit that mark because we were so close in June.  June and July tend to be the biggest sales months for real estate in Nashville.

The news came out yesterday that we did not hit 4,000 home sales in July.  In fact, we dropped down to 3,705 homes for a 3.3% decrease over the previous year.  For comparison, June 2016 had 3,869 sales.

This is the first time this year that we have had a year-over-year decrease in sales volume. The staggering pace of home sales coupled with fast rising prices could not last forever.  This is a sign of a healthy market.  

When things seem like they could be getting out of control, a little

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when things go wrong in real estateI wanted to tell you a funny story that happened to a friend of mine over the weekend.  

He is a real estate agent in another city who received a long, hateful message on his voicemail over the weekend.   

This lady was absolutely furious.  She claimed that my friend had broken into her Facebook to post a “stupid little” ad about a house for sale.  She called him a despicable, little creep.  She told him to remove the ad and to never do this again.  This lady also threatened to share this advertisement with all of her family and discuss the issue with them.  

Now, I know what you are thinking.  How is any of this funny? 

Well, for starters, my friend never broke into or paid for the advertisement on Facebook.  It wasn’t even his listing. 

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