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Marketing your home can be a frustrating process.

If you are like me, you want to sell your home quickly at the best price. But, we have all seen homes that sell quickly and others that seem to hang around so long they get stale.

So, what makes some homes sell faster and for more money?

Some of it has to do with pre-marketing, like getting the home ready to sell and "bulls-eye" pricing. These items were addressed in reports that I sent you a few weeks ago.

For now, I want to focus on effective marketing. The right place, at the right time with the right message.


The Right Place

According to a recent study by the National Association of Realtors, 99% of all buyers find the home that they purchased in 4 places.

• Online
• Agent
• Signs
• Friends and…
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The hot, humid days of mid-summer in Nashville are finally upon us, and with this, brings the best in our own Tennessee local produce. It takes these hot days to fully ripen the beautiful array of homegrown tomatoes and to give them that perfect summer taste. There is nothing better than sinking your teeth into that very first BLT! Squash blossoms have given way to the fruit of the vine – crookneck, zucchini and patty pan are just a few that can be sliced and diced to make healthy and delicious summer sauté's or the most decadent and cheesy casseroles. The okra pods have formed and are ready to be picked. I love nothing better than okra dredged in some buttermilk and coated with a seasoned corn meal crust, then fried to a golden brown, but did you know

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I am writing this on the summer solstice, the first day of summer, the longest daylight of the year and the shortest night. This is my favorite day of the year as I am a sun loving, heat seeking Southern girl, much better suited for the long, languid days of summer then the cold, darkness of winter. Today after my yoga class, I went by The Produce Place on Murphy Road in the fabulous area known as Sylvan Park, a wonderful, small, locally owned grocery store where you can get the finest in local and regional produce and other Tennessee made products, and bought my first summer homegrown Georgia cantaloupe and sugar baby watermelon, Washington bing cherries, South Carolina peaches, Tennessee blueberries and blackberries and Florida vine ripened tomatoes.

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In the heart of Sylvan Park, at the bend in Murphy Road, sits a shining little gem in the community. I have probably passed right by this place without giving it a second thought hundreds of times on the way to and fro in my busy life. One day a friend asked me to join her at a yoga class at McCabe Community Center and the rest, as they say, is history. I was HOOKED!

This active hub of Sylvan Park offers a monthly membership for a low fee of $30.00 which gives access to the state of the art weight and exercise room and personal trainers. Additionally, you can take advantage of the myriad of exercise classes: boot camps, yoga, senior strength, Zumba, ballet barre, pilates and more – all for a mere $3.00 per class with no membership fee required. There

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The inventory of homes in Nashville has been low for some time.  In fact, the inventory is so low that it is starting to have a negative effect on the volume of homes sales.  Although prices are up, the sales volume in Nashville is down 0.7% and is down in Williamson County more than 9% over last year.  Fewer millennials are purchasing their first home, and a limited number of homeowners are making that “Move-Up” purchase. 

Why would they want to sell their home, if they cannot find the next home to purchase?

This is a big change for consumers, who for the last five years had an abundance of choice in homes to purchase.  Buyers are used to having the upper hand, and not all of them have realized the true condition of today’s real estate market. 

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For the last few years, the press has been reporting on the “shadow” inventory of foreclosures that was getting ready to hit the market.  The “shadow” inventory was a large number of vacant or delinquent homes that were threatening to sink the housing market.  We heard these ominous predictions from almost every news source.  They warned that the large number of underwater and delinquent homes would hit in a wave of despair that would drag down the housing market and homeowners with it. 

There was just one problem:  The numbers did not support it. 

Doubling down on their incorrect predictions, housing pundits began warning about “Vampire REOs” and “Zombie Foreclosures.”     Now these Zombie and Vampires were threatening neighborhoods across the

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Sometimes my best advice is to just walk away.  I know that sounds crazy coming from a Realtor, but in certain situations it is the best advice that I can give to my clients.

Buying or selling you home can be one of the most difficult and emotionally draining processes we face.  According to the Holmes and Rahe Stress Scale, getting a mortgage, a change in residence, and a change in living conditions are among the top life events that add stress to your life.  These life events are in addition to the stress that you experience daily over family, friends and work.

When you add an unreasonable seller or buyer into the mix, it seems to multiply the stress exponentially and cause feelings of anger or resentment.  Although, it may not be a purposeful

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Chuck had lived in Nashville for a long time.  He moved from a small town in Middle Tennessee when he was in college. 

The problem was that his family needed his help back at home.  He delayed moving back home because he really loved living in Nashville and was making the one hour commute a few times per week. 

Soon Chuck grew tired of the long drive and decided to move back to his hometown.  He found the perfect home to purchase in his hometown.  However, Chuck was worried because the market was tough and he might not be able to move quickly.

Chuck gave me a call, and we quickly placed his home on the market and started our Premier Home Selling program immediately.

At this time, the real estate market was not good, we were in the

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Our team is really excited about 2014.  We wanted to start the new year the right way by overhauling our website for you.  Although, we already had a great custom website; the new design allows us to improve our marketing, maximize your online real estate experience and help us to work together better. 

With a constant focus on marketing, we looked to enhance our online presence in 2014.  With a much improved home search experience and an engagement capability, this site will do a better job of reaching and securing potential buyers for your home. 

The improved design is easier to use and fully responsive.  A responsive site means that it will work properly everywhere including the latest smart phones and tablets.   If you plan to do a lot of home

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Here is a quick story so you know I can help you…Nashville Real Estate

Shawn and Pam were new to the area.  They moved to Hendersonville last year and found a home that they loved near the lake. 

Shortly after the home purchase, Pam had a great offer to work.  She took the job and loved it.  The problem was her long commute.  In evening rush hour traffic, it might take her one hour to get home.

Pam decided that she wanted to move to closer to work.  Shawn was worried since they just bought the house that they might not be able to move right away. 

Shawn and Pam contacted me about their problem.  I put together a plan to sell their home quickly at the right price.

We quickly placed their home on the market and started our Premier Home Selling program immediately. 

The home went up…
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