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Do you have concerns about the Nashville Real Estate Market?Some small investors are concerned about Nashville because of the high demand and the resulting increase on home prices.  

And my message to them is simple: don’t give up on Nashville now. 

According to Jonathon Smoke, Chief Economist of, 4.4 million millennials will be turning 30 next year and many bookers are still preparing for retirement.  These life changes will be driving the housing market for years to come and Nashville is poised to benefit from both of them.   

Let’s look at millennials first.  

They are attracted to our fine city by the job market.  

And in a recent study by the site Abode, Nashville ranks in the top 10 in two of the largest job categories:  Health Care and Arts, Media & Entertainment. 

One thing

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Surely you are not ignoring your dream homeHi!

It’s your future home here.  

You know, the one you completely adore.

I know that you’ve looked at all of the pictures online and you even stopped by for an open house.  But, I haven't crossed you mind lately, and I’m starting to think that you’ve forgotten about me.

Is it something that I’ve done?

I know I’m not the Taj Mahal or even the White House.  But, I look beautiful inside and out.  And your friends would be so envious.  

Other folks are driving by and checking me out daily.  I am afraid that someone else is going to fall in love.  Then it will be over between us.

That’s ok by me, if that’s what you want.   

But, I was sure you had other plans for us.  

Like a safe place to raise your family.  Somewhere you could

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Fighting the good fight in NashvilleThe economy in Nashville is one of the best in the country and most people in would like to see that continue in a positive way.  

There is a danger that is looming on the horizon.  We beat it back in 2013, though it’s not dead.  I expect it to rear it’s ugly head again in the next few years.

That danger is the elimination of the mortgage tax deduction. 

This deduction is one of the main reasons why so many people have enjoyed the American Dream of owning your home.  

And I expect it to be under attack again because fewer, young Americans are buying homes and the need to raise revenue to pay off our increasing national debt burden.  

It doesn't matters who wins the upcoming election, the proponents of eliminating this important deduction

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The Patriots of Real EstateWhether you love or hate him, Bill Belichick is the greatest coach in NFL history. 

It’s not the four Super Bowl rings that impress me the most, it’s that he has won each one of these championship games with a roster full of “average joe” players.  

Sure, Tom Brady is a star today, but he was a virtual unknown when he was picked in the sixth round of the 2000 NFL draft.

On top of all of those accomplishments, the first three games of this year might be his best coaching job yet.

The face of the franchise, Tom Brady, is sitting out a four game suspension over his role in using deflated balls during the regular season last year.  

Brady’s favorite target, and the team’s leading receiver, Rob Gronkowski, is on injured reserve. 


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Why I love living in NashvilleThey were unaware of any problems as they arrived at Baptist Hospital 17 years ago.  

After nine long months, Shelby was born weighing less than five pounds.  “That’s when my heart sank,” said her mom, “You grieve the loss of your healthy child and then you have to figure out what to do,” 

All her parents wanted was a happy child.  Doctors told them that Shelby was born with a rare chromosomal issues and would have problems the rest of her life.  It was so rare, that it did not have a name.

And, it was so serious, that Shelby is unable to care for herself in any way.

Feeling mentally and emotionally drained, Shelby and her parents were greeted with love and kindness when they finally came home from the hospital.

Shelby received care through

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You are the company that you keepYou are the company that you keep.

Although it may be older than dirt, this saying is still true today as evidenced in the stories below.  

This story happened to a colleague.  The real estate agent and their client went on a tour of a new listing.  The buyer was interested in the home and they were contemplating an offer, when the phone rang.  It was the listing agent and he was furious.  He screamed at the agent saying that they did not have permission to be in the home.  It was so loud that the buyer could easily hear what the listing agent was yelling on the phone.

Embarrassed at the situation, the real estate agent showed her buyer the emails received confirming the showing appointment and other rude communications from the listing agent. 

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What on the mind of today's Nashville Home BuyersJust a few years ago, home buyers were in the driver’s seat. They had plenty of homes to choose from and all the time in the world to decide.     

It was in the midst of the mortgage crisis, and everyone was in a panic.  And many buyers were afraid to purchase while prices were declining. 

After five long years, the market started moving in the other direction.  Thousands of homes were purchased by investors and hedge fund companies looking to cash in on this once in a lifetime buying opportunity.

When homes started flying off the shelves, the tables turned.  

And they turned so quickly that it seemed like Nashville went from a buyer’s market straight to a seller’s market with no stops along the way.

It’s been more than 10 years since we

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How to get more buyers interested in your Nashville homeThere is a famous old quote that has been attributed to several people and still rings true today, "Eighty percent of success is showing up."

As for selling your home, I would say that 80% of your marketing effort is getting your listing to show up in front of as many potential buyers as possible.

The first step that most real estate agents take is to put a sign in your yard and put the listing in the local MLS. This is a great first step, and unfortunately it is a last step for many people. Sure the MLS is a place where many people look for homes to buy, but they don't have the market cornered. This is the bare minimum for real estate marketing and probably reaches less than half of potential buyers for your home. If you want to get your home in

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shot down in flames in TennesseeThere's a life-balance theory that is currently popular called the Four Burners theory.

Have you heard of it?

The theory goes like this. Your life is like a stovetop where you have four burners: One for work, friends, family and health. And in order to be successful in life, you have to turn off one of the burners. And to be highly successful in life you have to turn off two burners.

So, which two will you choose to turn off?

There is no good answer for any of us with this theory. And that's one reason why I think the Four Burners theory is a load of bull-oney.

Sure there are lots of examples of people who are successful at work while ignoring their health and their family.

But that is not how I choose to define success. I don't see it

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How picky is the home inspection for Nashville homes for saleIt’s been a while so I thought it was time for some Q&A.  Today, the focus is on home inspections.

Q: How picky is the home inspection? 

A:  That depends on the home inspector, how he delivers the information and the buyer.  Not all home inspectors are created equal and neither are their reports.  Some report every single thing that they find no matter how small or insignificant.  While others take a more balanced approach with their reporting.  Every home (even new construction) will have a list of things that the inspector points out.  There is no such thing as a perfect home.   

It’s not only what’s reported, but it also matters how it’s reported.  Some inspectors are great at scaring the bejeezus out of you when it is completely unnecessary. 

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