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What a great weekend!  Mine was filled with good food, stories and laughter.  I hope yours was the same.

Spending time with my family (especially the little ones) reminded me of the “real magic” of the holiday season and how difficult it was for me to wait as a kid.

When I was younger, it seemed like nothing could get here fast enough. 

The last day of school.

The trip to the tree farm.

The day we put up the lights.

The first snow that sticks.

The cookies that we would make.

Singing to all of our friends in the neighborhood.

Santa dropping by the house with a bag of gifts. 

The New Year’s Day bowl game celebrations. 

For most of us, this time of year is a bag of mixed emotions; equal parts love, excitement, uncertainty and

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Most “so called” experts will tell you that the holidays are a bad time to sell your home.  That you should wait until Spring.  That no one sells their home during the holidays.

It is dangerous to give this kind of “one size fits all” advice.

Especially when you do not know the details of a situation and the needs of the homeowner.

Their advice might sound smart, but if these “so called” experts haven’t sold a home this year, you might want a second opinion.

It’s true that the Spring Sales Season is strong in Nashville.


If you need to sell your home, it is not necessary to wait until March to sell it. 

And here’s why.

  1.  March is four months away.  You might not have that much time and money to burn. 

  2. There are fewer
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With the recent growth in Nashville, most people want to know where homes are appreciating the most. 

So, I recently took at look at the average sales price over the last 60 days in every zip code in Nashville.  Then I compared it to the average sales price from the same period in 2014.

Here are the results!



2014 Avg. Sale

2015 Avg. Sale

Percent Increase

SE Nashville





North Nashville





East Nashville








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22 years ago, I made the best decision of my life.  (Happy Anniversary Gretchen!)

Just like everyone else, the path was not always easy for us.

There were twists and turns.  Bumps in the road and streams to cross. 

We occasionally took a wrong turn and had to find our way back home.

There were also moments along the way that made everything worthwhile.

Many days full of laughter and hope, spent together and with friends and family. 

We didn’t always know what we were doing.


We were committed; we held each other’s hand, said I’m sorry, offered forgiveness and never gave up. 

We never stayed mad for long; we said I love you, did our best, worked hard and never gave up.

This is the secret to our success (and

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I’ve had some great questions lately about new home construction lately.   These are a few of my favorites. 

First question…

Customer:  We are first time homebuyers considering buying new vs. pre-owned.  My husband is freaking out about buying new, while I love the idea of being able to make it my own and move into a new neighborhood.

Steve:  That’s a great question. Flexibility is key when buying a new home, especially when ground has not been broken.  First, you are at the mercy of the builder’s schedule.  At this time of year, it is not unusual to get weather delays from rain or cold temperatures.  Second, you need to have some flexibility in your price.  Changes or upgrades can be very expensive and easily put you over  budget.  Building a

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Everyone in Tennessee has heard about the Curse of the Bell Witch. 

This story is part the early settlement history of Middle Tennessee and is the most famous, local legend. The epicenter of the curse is John Bell’s Farm located along the Red River in Adams, Tennessee.

I recently watched a new show on A&E called, Cursed: The Bell Witch.  The show is pure docu-tainment, part documentary and part entertainment. 

The star of the show is John Ceallach, a direct descendent of John Bell.   John has a military and law enforcement background, and he digs into the history of his family with the skills of a seasoned detective.

This makes the show intriguing.

For more than 200 years, multiple generations of John’s family have suffered untimely deaths. 

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In 1876, after narrowly escaping death during a bank robbery in Northfield Minnesota, Jesse and Frank James moved to East Nashville to lead respectable lives.  Jesse took the alias, Thomas Howard. 

They lived in at least three places in Edgefield, a neighborhood in East Nashville.   At the time, Edgefield was the “Belle Meade” of Nashville filled with mansions, aristocrats and beautiful architecture.  East Nashville was a perfect place for a wealthy outlaw to hide in the open.

The good times did not last long for Jesse or East Nashville.

Jesse got restless and went back to his wicked ways.  Many of these beautiful East Nashville homes were demolished in the 1960’s in the name of urban renewal. 

In the 1970’s the historic preservation movement

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In 2005, I started my career in Real Estate.  My goal was to work with banks to sell their foreclosed homes.  This was a huge goal because it was nearly impossible to break into the foreclosure market as a listing agent at that time.   Looking at the lending process, I saw potential in foreclosed home sales.

I never imagined what would happen over the next few years. 

After more than 300 foreclosure sales, I have noticed patterns of problems with foreclosed, vacant or value properties.  These problems seem to occur time after time.

I have seen them so many times; they stick out like a Tennessee Fan at a Vandy Game.

Having the ability to spot these common problems and provide resolution is one of the reasons why I am a preferred partner with

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Most of you have seen the Discovery Channel show MythBusters. It stars Adam and Jamie, two Hollywood Special Effects Experts. They use science to test the validity of famous myths, rumors, movie scenes and news stories.

The myths come from many sources, including fan suggestions.

Over the last nine years, they have used 12 tons of explosives in their testing. Obviously, these are my favorite shows.

When the results cannot be confirmed in any way and are highly unlikely to occur with the scientific facts presented, the myth is deemed "Busted."

That brings me to today's top real estate myth.

Buyers will get a better deal if they go straight to the listing agent.

I do not know who started this rumor, but it needs to stop. Now.

I'm passionate about this topic

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Little Seeds Farm in Lebanon hand makes goat's milk soap so fine that the goats are moved to graze a different patch of pasture every few days. It is near the big garden full of fresh vegetables, where friendly dogs scare away the predators and guineas are on bug patrol.

When James and Eileen Ray moved Little Seeds Farm to TN, their dream was to be sustainable.

One of the first steps was a green irrigation system to provide clean drinking water for the animals.

The final step was finished in September. The entire farm and home is completely solar powered.

And it is much cheaper than you thought.

After Rebates and tax breaks, their total bill was $33,000.

Then readily available financing made the decision easy. James Ray said. "It'll take

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