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Never Give UpI love this lady.

Ms. Cha Sa-soon grew up one of seven children in a remote village 100 miles outside of Seoul, Korea.  Her father was a peasant who owned no land.  She spent her life working other people’s land, selling vegetables door to door and raising her four children.

She always dreamed of learning to drive, but her family and work kept her busy.  After her husband died and her children moved away, she found herself with more time on her hands. 

In 2005, she was closing in on her 60’s and decided to get her license.  She failed her first test and still left with a smile.  She tried again and again with the same result.  A failing grade and a smile.   

Her teacher, Ms. Park said, “She could read and write words phonetically but she could

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Make Changes, Not ExcusesLebron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers came back last night to win the NBA Championship over Steph Curry and the Golden State Warriors.

It was an improbable victory for so many reasons.  

Golden State won the NBA Championship last year over the Cavaliers in just six games.  

And Golden State was much more than the reigning champions.  The Warriors had a near perfect regular season this year going 24-0 to start the season.  This was the best start in NBA history.  They also set another NBA record by clinching the most wins in the regular season by going 73 - 9.

In the best of 7 series for the NBA Championship, Golden State to a quick lead to win 3 of the first 4 games against Cleveland.  Golden State took precision passing and shooting to

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Quick Thin OfferOver 4 billion people, 75% of the world, does not have a physical mailing address.  These folks can’t get a delivery, register for services or easily access emergency services.   

So, a British startup had a better idea.

In 2013, they formed a company called What3Words.

They divided the planet into 57 Trillion squares that are almost 10’ x 10’.  Or 3 meters x 3 meters to be exact.

Assigning addresses (that people would actually use) to each of these plots would be an arduous task.  Even worse would be trying to remember the GPS coordinates for each of these locations.  

I can hear it now.  Please deliver the box to -87.34532765, 39.445609.  I think my head would explode. 

Now What3Words had a brilliant solution to this growing world

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How do you know they are real?This was a great question that I got from one of my clients the other day.

How do I know that the seller is real and owns this home?

With identity theft in the news everyday, it is a fair question to ask.  Most of the time, you never meet the other party to the sale  And this is especially important when you are negotiating with someone who acts a little odd or mysterious. 

I knew some of the answers like:

1.  You are required to provide the proper documentation and identification to the title company to show you are the correct owner of the home.  

2.  If the property is owned by a corporation, then the seller is required to provide the Articles of Incorporation and a list of signatories that are authorized to sign on behalf of the company. 

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Good News - The Jerk is outAnd now for some happy news in a followup to yesterday's story.

You can see it here:

The seller finally moved out and gave possession to the buyer.  

When I reviewed the news interview with the seller, it was obvious that he was mad about the buyer missing the initial closing date. 

Based on what he said, and my experience, I fully expected that he would leave before being evicted.  The seller wanted a little revenge and he saw an easy way to take advantage of the buyer.

And in this market, it was not likely the fault of the buyer that they did not close on time.  The volume of sales activity is near record levels for Nashville, which has the lenders and

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The seller refused to move and how to avoid itYou probably saw this story in the news over the weekend. 

This lady bought a For Sale By Owner [FSBO] home and closed on June 1st.  Everything was great until she found out that the owner did not move out at closing and is still living in the property.

She will need to take legal action to have the former owner evicted from the home.  

It’s really sad for the buyer.  I can’t imagine being in her position.  Thankfully, she is getting some pro bono legal help from Grover Collins with Collins Law Firm.   

People like Grover Collins make me proud to live in Nashville.

What gets me more than anything is that this could have been avoided multiple ways.  If the buyer

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Get to the after party by avoiding this new construction mistakeOne of the biggest mistakes that people make when buying a new construction home is buying it directly from the builder’s agent.   

The incentives and hard selling tactics make it difficult for some to walk away.  What they don’t realize is that the builder is saving thousands more than he is giving back to you.  And you are the one that is going to pay in missteps, lost time and frustration.  

Most people do not understand that the listing agent in this case is looking out for the best interests of the seller first. 

The builder’s agent likely has several builds with multiple customers going on at the same time.  His priorities are selling the next new build and closing the next one finished. 

Sure, they will finally get around to making your

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It started here in 1974 with a bizarre murderIn a small town on Long Island, a home is for sale at 108 Ocean Drive.  This stately colonial features 5 bedrooms, 4 baths, boat house, slip and a terrifying history.

This home is in Amityville, NY and was the inspiration for the book and movie, The Amityville Horror. 

You can see it here on Zillow: 

The story starts in 1974 when 23 year old Ronald “Butch” DeFeo Jr., murdered his entire family while they slept in this house.  Butch then took a shower and went to work at the family car dealership.  

He left work after lunch to hang around with friends.  Later that evening, he tried to blame it on a home invasion.  Reportedly, one of his relatives was a captain in

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Is Nashville the Ricky Bobby of Real EstateIn recent years, the motto of Nashville seems to be, “I wanna go fast.”

And fast we are going.  Each month seems to break a new record and May is no different. 

There were nearly 3,700 closings in the month of May which outpaced May 2015 by 3.9%.

Last summer, was off the charts so do expect to see those 10% gains in sales volume each and every month.   

The limiting factor on our volume is the lack of inventory in our market.  Many people refuse to make that move up (or down) because they are afraid of not being able to find a suitable home.  This results in all kinds of alternatives that you would not see in a normal market.

With a few more creative agents, we could likely solve some of this problem by helping people see that there is more than

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these 5 characteristics will save you from crazy buyersSomething amazing happened to me today. 

I met a young couple a few weeks ago who were interested in selling their home and buying another.  They are just starting this process and it can be daunting in our market due to the low inventory.

Sure, it is easier to sell your home in a seller’s market.  It’s not so easy to find the right one.  And if you do, you will have some steep competition.  

It’s important that you know exactly what you want in this situation. 

And, it’s so important to these potential clients that they sent me a six page information packet and questionnaire.  

Now, most agents would have loved the first two pages of information and then died when they saw 4 pages of very thoughtful questions.  

This is the first time

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