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Having an offer rejected by a home seller is frustrating.  If it is the home of your dreams, you feel heart broken. It can be enough to make you quit looking and just give up.  Offer rejection is a common problem for buyers in Nashville today.

It is impossible to ensure success. Many areas of Nashville have more active buyers than homes for sale. With more than one offer on many homes, the odds are against you.

Home buyers have it tough right now, but there is a silver lining. There are several things that you can do to turn the tide. To change the odds in your favor and make your offer shine brighter.

Below you will find five steps to make your offer more attractive to the seller. If you want to go above and beyond the best agents, make sure you

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Nashville Real Estate Statistics April 2015We are in the process of preparing Mom and her most treasured belongings for a move from her home of 50 years to a beautiful apartment in a vibrant retirement community where many of her friends live, including her best friend of 61 years. She and I have spent several days this week attempting to pack up her kitchen and her personal effects.  Other family members will be here this weekend to continue the process as we all pick and choose what should go with her to her new home, what should go into storage to keep for family members and what will stay for an eventual estate sale. We have hired Steve and Gretchen Jolly of Benchmark Realty to market her home for sale when the time comes. We have also hired Upsidedown, a company owned and operated by Donna

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Nashville Loves MomSunday, May 10th is Mother’s Day.  My Mom is living with me during a time of transition for her as she moves from her lifelong home in to independent living at Richland Place.  This year I will have the honored opportunity to celebrate Mother’s Day with her in my home.  We will probably start out with church together.  My children have planned to come and bring lunch after.  I am sure it will be a relaxed and pleasant afternoon.  The gift to me this Mother’s Day, is the gift of caring for a woman who has cared for me and so many others.  Her nature is to give, to do for others, so it is not easy for her to accept the limitations that her aging body has put upon her and receive, although she is graciously accepting. There is a peculiar balancing act for me

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Setting the list price for your home is not easy. You want to get top dollar for your home. You also want to sell quickly. Time and money are at odds in this equation.

Like most things in life, there is an easy way to do the job and there is the right way. The right way is harder and takes more time. It also puts more money in your pocket after the sale. Let's spend time learning the best way to set the price for your home.

I have analyzed thousands of homes in the last ten years. Setting the right price has been one of the secrets to my success in real estate. Over time, I developed a four part process for setting the best price. Take a look at the system below.

The first part is research. Many assume research is looking at the price of

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Have you been searching on Zillow lately?

If so, you likely noticed a decrease in the number of homes for sale in Nashville. Or an increase in errors.

This stinks because Zillow is fun and easy to use!

Some of this is due to record sales and a decreasing inventory in Nashville. The rest is the result of a battle between Zillow Group and News Corp.

In 2014, Zillow hired the president of Then they bought Trulia. Soon they were the 800 pound gorilla of online house hunting.

The rest of the industry was up in arms.

News Corp saw an opportunity to strike. They purchased and ListHub. The latter is the main source of listing information online.

On April 7th, 2015, News Corp turned off the flow of listing information

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This year, on May 2, 2015, will be my 35th Wedding Anniversary to my wonderful husband, Tommy Meador.  Wow, where did the years go? We planned a fairly quiet elopement after deciding that a big wedding was more then we both wanted. In retrospect, and from the perspective of my chosen profession as a caterer, please have a big wedding, get lots of loot, and call me to cater your reception.

So, back to the story…..We met with a minister at Centennial Park, our elopement destination, in order to listen to some sage advice and make some plans.  The park was in full spring bloom and we decided on a pretty garden behind the Parthenon for our ceremony. We were fortunate enough to know and have chosen the Rev. Bill Barnes to marry us.  Rev. Barnes is the

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Did you know that April is National Poetry Month?  In my Wednesday night yoga class at McCabe Community Center, led by Barbara Burgess-Camardella, we are working on poet’s pose.  I have recently attended a poetry reading with some most talented poets at Howlin’ Books and Grimey’s on 8th avenue which takes place the first Friday of each month except during the summer.  If you want to hear some wonderful artists reading their works, head to Howlin’ Books on Friday May 8th at 7:00pm.  I have also been reading the poetry of Mary Oliver and Pablo Neruda, two of my favorite poets and some excerpts from “The Southern Poetry Anthology:  Volume VI:  Tennessee” which is filled with gems from some of Tennessee’s best poets.  All of this inspires me to share a poem I

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Pocket Listings in Nashville TennesseeIf you have been on social media lately in Nashville, you have likely seen homes that are posted with the tag lines, “Pocket Listing” or “Coming Soon.” 

These are the real estate buzz words of 2015 due to the low inventory of homes for sale in many areas of Nashville.    If you are thinking about selling you home, these might seem like good ideas.  They certainly are trendy and give off an air of exclusiveness. 

Do you really want to be exclusive in the marketing of your home?  

Before you answer that question, let me give you a few things to consider.  At the end, I will recommend the best way to use the Coming Soon tactic if you decide to employ it.

I know that some people use these terms interchangeably, but in truth they have radically

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The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development define affordable housing as costing less than 30% of your annual income.  The average household income in Nashville is nearly $54,000 per year.   At the current interest rates with a 30 year fixed mortgage, affordable housing in Nashville equates to homes priced less than $200,000. 

If you have been looking for affordable housing lately, you know this is a difficult task.  All indications for this year tell us that it is going to get worse before it gets better. 

Here are the top four reasons why we expect the Affordable Housing problem to grow in Nashville this year.

First, Nashville is growing.  People are relocating to Nashville and Middle Tennessee at a record pace and the end is nowhere

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So you have heard that we have a low inventory of homes for sale in Nashville.  

For many sellers this is great news, but you may have mixed feelings about the market.  Just as soon as it recovers and you feel better about selling, there is nothing left to buy.  This makes it incredibly hard to move up in home right now. 

This mindset is keeping many people on the fence, which only makes the problem worse.   Unless you are going to buy a new home, someone else has to sell in order for you to buy.  It is a circular problem that is not easy to fix.

One thing to keep in mind is the old adage that, “All real estate is local.”

When I say local, I mean hyper-local! 

What is generally true in Nashville, might not be true for your community, your

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